Nutrition and Healthcare Resources

UCD Guide for New Families - Easy to understand booklet that explains the basics of urea cycle disorders.

New! Educator's Guide to UCD - Explains the basics of UCD and effects on school performance for teachers and school personnel

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NUCDF Research Briefs:

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List of Low-Protein Food and Formula Suppliers - includes information on low protein food and formula suppliers, as well as vendors of products that make low protein cooking easier and low protein cookbooks.  .pdf document available here

State Laws and Policies on Food and Formula Coverage
Accommodating Special Dietary Needs in the School Setting: pdf document outlining requirements for accommodation of special needs at school.
Care Notebook - The Care Notebook offers 39 forms families may fill in to help keep track of their child's health care information. Families may use these pages to keep track of appointments, health care and diets, and to create a list of their care team and resources and summary of their child's abilities and care needs. 
Nutrient Database - Enter any food to find values including protein, fat carbohydrate and calorie content as well as amino acid and vitamin content for most foods. Analyze your recipes and save a favorite foods list.

Cambrooke Foods - Excellent low-protein foods and recipes.

Dietary Specialties Products - Low-protein food supplier.
Taste Connections - Excellent Low-Protein mixes and recipes.
NUCDF Recipe Book - Low-protein recipes for UCD families. Contact

Maternal and Child Health Library - A virtual guide to maternal and child health information. It offers a wide variety of electronic resources, including databases, publications, resource lists, Web links, the MCH Alert (electronic newsletter), state MediCaid rules, and other resources developed for health professionals, families, and consumers.



UCD Family and Physician


“Loads of compliments for your organization and your website: it’s clear, honest, positive as possible and it really gives us a good start in the (for us) strange world of parents with a UCD diagnosed child.”

N.J., Netherlands