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By standing together and showing our strength in numbers, our UCD community has a strong voice to stimulate public awareness and interest in research for urea cycle disorders - research that will help us conquer urea cycle disorders forever.  We are accomplishing a great deal, but there is much, much more to be done. We are on our own. Your support makes breakthroughs possible!

You make a difference in the fight against UCD.  Stay informed about "all things UCD."  Stand with us to create a brighter future for all our children and adults with UCD.

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NUCDF International Community

J., OTCD, Germany

Thank you very much for the spring issue of the newsletter. How pleasant it is that NUCDF remembers and care about us. Each time we receive new information, I feel that we are not alone and it warms my soul. Please wish all members of NUCDF health and well-being from our family.

Best Regards,
H.B. - Moscow, Russia

I know we have talked several times over the life span of my son and you have blessed us with the guidance and knowledge that you have shared!  I also want to THANK YOU for always being there when not only my son has been in crisis but I have too!  Without your guidance I would not have my son here with us today and for that I will forever be grateful!

L.S. - USA

Congatulations! I am so happy to hear that NUCDF received the 2010 Advocacy Award Of Merit!!! You and your hard work are such an inspiration to me! My family and all the other UCD families are so lucky to have NUCDF in front of us, building a path on which we all can walk on, feeling confident and full of hope. 

X.V. - Mexico

I want to say thank you for helping children like me. I am 10 years old and I have OTC. Good luck & Best wishes! 

A.M. -  Australia

I have a grandson that has UCD.  Thank you for the time you spent speaking with me to help me understand his disorder. It is my pleasure to support NUCDF and also hope that some day there will be a cure.

S.B. - USA

The work that the Foundation has done to raise awareness and funding for the research and hopefully cure for urea cycle disorders is nothing short of amazing!

L.J. - USA